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About Us

Alden Resale was started by Gary & Carol Shulz in 1995 in one room of the building west of the northwest corner of Route 173, Alden, IL. This building was built by Staab Brothers in 1953 and replaced a small barn, which burned down (this barn had been moved from property that Gary’s mother and father bought in Alden). We expanded the business into the attached garage, and then included a deck and a trailer. A couple of years later we purchased the building at the northwest corner next to the original building, which doubled our square footage to about 2700 square feet. In 2003 we purchased the larger building at the southeast corner of Route 173 in Alden, which is diagonal across route 173. This building has 6000 square feet with a loading dock. It was built in 1954 -56 by the Bentz brothers and was operated as a furniture store for 30+ years. We have a large variety of used and new items. We enjoy meeting people from all walks of life. Alden is a beautiful small village. In 2006, the State of Illinois made the intersection a four way stop (a great decision for safety). Please stop at the stop signs and at Alden Resale.


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